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Bureau Namas Sunset Residence.jpg

Architecture Bureau Namas was established as a response to a growing demand for unique custom homes.

We aim to create residences that are not only one-of-a-kind tailored to each client but will stand the test of trends and time.

Our design ideology is based on a firm belief in proportions, materiality, and artisanal craftsmanship. 

From the stately elegance of Georgian transitional homes to the rustic charm of Provence bastides, from the quaint allure of Cotswold Cottages to the grandeur of Neoclassical French Chateaus, and the sleek modernity of California Modern, our diverse portfolio showcases the depth of our design abilities.

Since our establishment, we've been privileged to engage in a myriad of projects, each presenting a canvas for our creative expression. Yet, at the heart of every endeavor lies a shared commitment — to create homes that not only captivate the present but that future generations will enjoy.

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